The Best Types Of Shoes For Men

The Best Types Of Shoes For Men

A man in jeans and brown leather loafers laying on the shore of a lake.

It’s often said that women have all the fun when it comes to shoe shopping. However, with so many different men’s footwear styles to choose from, we think it’s time for men to start expanding their shoe horizons too. There’s nothing wrong with sneakers and slides, but a man needs more than two tools in his box. Our list of the best types of shoes for men covers every occasion and fulfills all your footwear needs. 

Boots For Work & Play

Perfect for winter, spring, and fall, boots are a must-have staple in your closet. Rugged enough to protect your feet during inclement weather but nice enough for upscale events and evenings out, these three types of boots cover all your bases. 

The Chelsea Boot

It’s hard to think of a classic Chelsea boot and not imagine swinging London in the 60s. Although modish rockers like the Beatles and Rolling Stones made this style popular, the Chelsea has been around since Victorian times. And for good reason—it's one of the best types of shoes for men. This simple high ankle boot is not only extremely stylish but also incredibly comfortable and super easy to pull on and off. Many chic versions of the Chelsea are made from leather or suede and go great with jeans or a suit. But we love the rugged style of the BOGS Chelsea, which turns a casual look into something unique. 

Chukka Time 

The Chukka holds a special place in men’s footwear styles. It has thin soles and laces up but stops just above the ankle, making it a cross between a boot and a sneaker. We like to think of the Chukka as ‘smart-casual’ for those times when a sneaker won’t do, but a Chelsea feels like a bit too much. Created by the British army for servicemen to wear in the desert, men’s Chukka dress shoes are both durable and extremely comfortable. The sustainable brand Twisted X makes different types of distinctive Chukka shoes for men that can be worn to work, out for drinks with the boys, or on casual dates. 

The Work Boot

A man in jeans and brown work boots.

One of the most useful types of shoes for men, work boots can be both stylish and rugged. They go higher than the ankle and usually lace up with a sturdy heel counter and toe cap to protect your feet. If you work outdoors, around heavy machinery, or just live in a place that experiences severe weather, the work boot is for you. Although commonly made from heavy-duty canvas with thick rubber soles, What’s Hot Clothing also carries dressier versions made from leather that can still handle the harshest working conditions. 

Dress For Success Shoes

For those times when you need to look like a million bucks, the dress shoe is the only men’s footwear style that’ll do. There’s a common misconception that dress shoes must be stiff and painful. We’re happy to say that the days of sacrificing comfort for style are over. We carry a great selection of well-made, stylish, and comfortable work footwear and formal event shoes. The two most common types are loafers and the classic oxford.


Everyone loves a shoe that can be easily slipped on and off while taking a look to that next level. Loafers go great with jeans, slacks, or a suit. They’re one of those types of shoes for men that can elevate any outfit while maintaining an air of relaxed elegance. When it comes to making comfortable loafers, Mephisto is at the top of the list. Handmade in Europe by master shoemakers, their loafers always deliver style and comfort. 


A close-up of a pair of men’s black leather Oxford dress shoes.

The classic oxford for men is your go-to when a situation calls for formal attire. Whether you gravitate towards the sleek whole-cut look or prefer the more embellished wing-tip, oxfords are a sophisticated gentleman’s shoe that dresses up any occasion. Wear brown, tan, or camel-colored ones for daytime events or weddings and black oxfords for black-tie affairs.


We know that most of you probably own several pairs of sneakers, and we do too. Sneakers are an essential men’s footwear style. While we love our running shoes for exercising and hitting the trails, it’s also good to have a pair of dress sneakers that aren’t covered in dirt and sweat. Clarks makes great retro leather sneakers perfect for sprucing up an outfit while keeping that relaxed vibe.

Slippers & Sandals

A pair of brown leather Birkenstock sandals on a beach

Even if you’re home alone or walking down the beach, you still deserve to look and feel good. That's why we take our slippers and sandals seriously. Instead of buying flimsy slippers that’ll wear out in a few months, treat yourself to a pair of sheepskin UGGs, and you’ll never have to buy another pair again. Warning, they’re so cozy and plush that you may never want to take them off. 

The words sandals and comfortable don’t always go together. That’s why it’s important to invest in ones made from durable natural materials that form to your feet and are shock absorbent, like the Birkenstock sandal. There’s a reason Birkenstocks have been so popular for so long. These sandals keep your feet cool, feel great and enhance your summer wardrobe simultaneously. 

Shoes for Every Occasion

Every need and occasion will be covered if you stock up from this list. The best types of shoes for men express your style and personality while being well-made and comfortable at the same time. So, start going through your closet and see which of these styles you need to add to your collection today.

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