Shoe Size Guide

We want you to be 100% delighted with your new shoes, so we made a handy-dandy size guide to help you get the perfect fit. After measuring your feet, simply check the footwear size chart below to find your size. Make sure you check to see which country’s sizing our shoe brands use. For example, Birkenstock and Alegria use Euro sizing. Let’s get started!

Women’s Size Conversion Chart

If you’re planning on buying women’s boutique shoes, this shoe guide will make finding your size an easy-breezy process.

Men’s Size Conversion Chart

Picking up a new pair of men’s shoes online? Check this guide before you place your order.

Toddlers’ (9 months-4 Years) Size Conversion Chart

Toddlers grow so fast, so use this shoe size guide to find your little one’s current size.

Little Kids’ (4-7 Years) Size Conversion Chart

Whether you need school shoes or play shoes, we have plenty of children’s shoes online available. Find the right size for your kid!

Big Kids’ (7-12 Years) Size Conversion Chart

Big kids may have much larger feet since the last time you measured! Make sure you know their latest size for comfortable shoes all day long.

How to Measure Your Feet Properly

Here’s how to measure your feet at home so you can determine your shoe size.

  1. Feet may swell throughout the day, so measure your feet in the evening.
  2. Wear your usual socks that you plan to wear with your new shoes most often.
  3. Tape two pieces of paper to a firm floor (no carpet).
  4. Sit on a chair, and place your first foot on the paper.
  5. Point a pen or pencil straight down, and trace an outline of your foot.
  6. Trace your other foot.
  7. Mark the further points from your heel to your big toe (you can also measure the width while you’re at it!).
  8. Measure the distance between the two marks with a ruler or tape measure.
  9. Choose the largest of the two measurements.
  10. Find the closest measurement on the size conversion chart below, sizing up if necessary.

Shop Comfortable, Top-Tier Brand Shoes

If you have any questions about these footwear size charts, how to measure your feet, or anything else at all, please feel free to get in touch for expert assistance. With two decades of industry experience, we’re always happy to help our customers find their new favorite pair of shoes. 

Our inventory is positively packed with new releases and end-of-season discount shoes online, so shop around! We hope this shoe size guide is helpful as you plan your purchase. Save on brand-name footwear at What’s Hot Clothing!