About Us

At What’s Hot Clothing, we’re passionate about footwear. We realize that each day starts with you putting shoes on in the morning, and whatever style you choose can dictate what kind of day it’s going to be. Throwing on sneakers to run errands? Or boots to brace for a wet commute? Or high heels for an important work meeting at lunch? Shoes play an essential role in how we live our lives and choosing the correct pairs can make or break our days!

A man wearing black boots in the snow

Best Styles and Deals

With that said, we’re also passionate about helping our customers find the best possible styles and deals on authentic brands. There’s no better feeling than finding the perfect pair of shoes from a high-quality brand at an affordable price. 

We know that feeling well at What’s Hot Clothing, because we’ve been selling popular brand shoes and accessories for the past 18 years. We are considered a leader in the footwear industry, and we’re eager to continue helping customers by providing the best deals available. 

We are an authorized dealer of items from well-known brands ranging from Birkenstock to UGG, Asics to Skechers. We pride ourselves on offering new assortments, hard-to-find styles, and shoes at discounted prices that are 100% authentic. There is no better place to buy your footwear or accessories than right here at What’s Hot Clothing. We also stand by any manufacturer guarantee, so you never have to worry about your products.

A woman wearing black loafers with socks and a skirt outside

Authentic Brands

Browse all of our excellent footwear and accessory products from well-known brands. We are confident you’ll find tons of styles you’ve wanted at more affordable prices than other competitors. We offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more, and we have great discount sales on end-of-the-season goods. Shop now to find the best deals on footwear from What’s Hot Clothing.