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The Best Types of Shoes for Different Occasions

When most people think about special occasions, they think about weddings and birthdays. But really, anything you do that is out of the norm can be a special occasion, and you’ll need different shoes for every activity. From going to the park to taking a vacation and more, we’ll go over the everyday events to the extraordinary ones and which types of shoes you’ll need to keep you moving. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly what types of footwear will be the best fit for the whole family.

Weddings and Formal Events

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Weddings and other formal events, like baby showers and religious events, are times when you and your family need to look their best. For women, the go-to shoes of choice are usually heels or wedges, or any type of dress shoes. Some examples of dress shoes for women are brogues, buck shoes, court shoes, pumps, penny loafers, and wingtips. 

Men will also need dress shoes for these formal events. The most popular types of dress footwear for men are whole-cut oxfords, cap-toe oxfords, double monk straps, loafers, and dress boots for guys. Kids will always look adorable in mini versions of adult dress shoes, but be sure to focus on comfort for kids! Go with neutral colors like black, brown, tan, and white.

Active Days

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When you’re feeling energized, it might be the perfect day to take the family for a hike in the woods, a bike ride at the park, or even a trip to the gym. The right types of active shoes will keep you in motion longer and help keep your feet from getting achy. One of the best shoes for every occasion, sneakers are fantastic active footwear for men, women, and children. You can find sneaker styles made specifically for running, walking, hiking, and certain sports. When it comes to sneakers, don’t skimp on the quality. A well-constructed sneaker from a top brand will last you longer and be more comfortable after hours of use. 

Parties & Nights Out

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Dressing for an adult party or a night out clubbing can be so much fun! For women, nights out on the town call for types of shoes that are more attention-grabbing. Think bedazzled and strappy heels and boutique ankle booties to kick things up a notch. Most clubs aren’t picky when it comes to women’s dress codes, but for men, they’ll need slightly more sophisticated shoes, like casual men’s oxfords or loafers.

 A Day at the Office

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For a day at work in an office setting, business casual is a typical dress code. For men, any of the types of shoes like oxfords or loafers are perfectly acceptable. For women, types of business casual footwear usually include pumps, heels, flats, medium heels, ankle boots, and women’s oxfords and loafers. Darker colors, like black, brown, or navy blue, are always a go-to and won’t call too much attention to yourself.

Labor and Intense Work

A person wearing work boots in the dirt

If you work more in the line of construction, you’ll want to stow away the business casual shoes and grab some functional work boots. Leather, waterproof boots are a solid choice to stand up to the dirt and grim while keeping your feet dry all day. Some heavy labor jobs may also require your feet to have the extra protection of steel toes in case heavy objects fall on them. If you want your boots to last, choose a reputable brand that offers high-quality workmanship.

Casual Events

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A casual event for your family could be a trip to the museum, a movie at the theater, a stroll around the mall, or so much more. You’ll need comfortable shoes that you’ll be able to walk in for hours. For most people, comfortable and casual types of shoes are sneakers, slip-ons, and flip-flops. These types of footwear are perfect for the entire family to enjoy a day out together. 

Warm Weather Vacation

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When you’re headed somewhere warm, like the beach, you’ll need to pack different shoes for every occasion you encounter on your trip. You’ll need some of the casual shoes we just talked about for eating out and sightseeing. And, everyone will need a pair of sandals, flip flops, or crocs for trekking on the beach. Lastly, if you plan to have a romantic dinner date while on your trip, pack something a little dressier, like strappy sandals or heels for women and boat shoes for men. 

Now that you’ve got a handle on different types of shoes for each occasion, it’s time to add a few of the essentials to your closet for the next event! Hop on over to What’s Hot Clothing to explore the latest styles of high-quality footwear from top brands.

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