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The 9 Best Types of Shoes for Women To Own

Shoes are a fun way to express yourself and mix and match with different outfits in your wardrobe all year long. But while it may be more fun to buy bedazzled heels and dress shoes for the ultimate fancy occasions, that’s not always practical. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll likely need more than just formal shoes to get you through everything life throws at you. Here are our top nine best types of shoes for women to own.

White Sneakers

A woman wearing white sneakers dangling over a creek

A smart pair of white sneakers are so easy to style with almost any outfit that’s not formal. You can wear sneakers with a bouncy sundress in spring, get active for casual summer activities, or rock them at a fall bonfire. You could even wear them in winter while you’re trekking the mall for holiday gifts. Sneakers are the best type of ladies’ shoes, because they will be your most comfortable, reliable go-to.

Black Ankle Boots

A women’s feet on the street with black ankle boots

Short black boots were made for walking! Even more versatile than white sneakers, low-riding ankle boots are a classic style that can be matched with anything from casual wear to formal attire. You could pair these types of women’s shoes with jeans and a tee shirt, or wear them to a formal wedding with a lovely dress. Little black boots are just as essential as a little black dress.

Slide-On Sandals

slide on beach sandals

A nice pair of women’s sandals feels amazing to slip into when the weather is warm. Choose styles that feature real or faux leather for a semi-formal look that can be worn to so many different occasions. These types of shoes for women are best in the classic colors of black, tan, and brown to easily pair with your wardrobe. Slip-on sandals are perfect for casual lunch dates with friends to evening dinner dates with your partner.

Knee-High Boots

a woman sitting in a chair with brown and white cowgirl boots

While knee-high boots aren’t appropriate for every occasion, they’re super fun types of women’s shoes that add more to your outfit than short boots can. In fact, you might just get a boost of confidence when you wear them! Knee-high boots or ladies’ cowgirl boots are all the rage right now. They can use that attention-grabbing factor for a night out on the town or for when you want to show off a little. Go with classic leather or suede knee-high boots for a timeless style that can be worn for as long as the boots last.

Classic, Comfortable Heels

A pair of women’s heels in off-white

While we all love a bedazzled or strappy pair of heels, they might not be comfortable for all-day wear, and they might not pair with many outfits. Neutral heels are a go-to type of ladies’ shoes and are easy to grab in a pinch for more formal occasions. It’s worth it to invest in ergonomically designed women’s heels that won’t have your feet tired and aching by the end of the day. Get whatever height of heel you’re most comfortable in. You can wear your classic pumps to the office, job interviews, and semi-formal to formal occasions.

Statement Heels

strappy jeweled heels on a fuzzy rug

You’ll most likely get a lot more use out of your classic heels, but statement heels are the perfect type of shoes for women who like to spice things up! There are so many fun styles of heels that you’ll have a blast picking out the ones that speak best to you. These heels will give your outfit the extra pop it needs for wherever you’re going. Statement heels are perfect for weddings, dinner dates, and nights out on the town.

Strappy Sandals

brown Birkenstocks outside on the grass

Strappy sandals are a more durable replacement for your flip-flops. They are perfect to wear to a summer party or daily errands. With these types of ladies’ shoes, you can keep it simple and cute, or kick it up a notch with embellishments like rhinestones or floral accents. Pair them with a cute summer dress or jean shorts and get ready for a hot Fourth of July party!

Active Sneakers

bright orange and gray athletic shoes walking up steps

Let’s face it, white sneakers look trendy and cute with so many wardrobe options, but they don’t hold up against the dirt and grim of hard use. You need a pair of sneakers that can get the daily jobs done, like walking the dog or going for a jog. You don’t have to compromise on style for comfort with these types of ladies’ shoes. You can find women’s boutique sneakers from top brands for a fashionable and functional look.

Comfy Slippers

tan fuzzy slippers

Imagine slipping into a pair of house shoes lined with super soft sheep fur that makes it feel like you’re walking on a cloud. If you live in an area that sees snow during the year, slippers are a necessary type of shoes for women like you. They take the chill off of hardwood floors and can even take you outside to check the mail or let the dog out with durable outdoor soles.

If you shop the right styles from high-quality brands, you’ll have a solid set of go-to shoes for any situation, lasting you many years to come. Shop What’s Hot Clothing now for all types of shoes for women from boutique brands

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