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How to Break in Boots: Make Your Work Boots Comfortable From Day One

Knowing how to break in work boots is a super helpful life hack that makes your feet happy about your purchase! Even if your new boots fit perfectly, it’s normal for them to feel a bit stiff and rub against your feet. Fortunately, comfort is right around the corner!

Of course, the most obvious way to break in your boots is to wear them often, but there are some handy tricks that can speed up the process. Follow these tips, and you’ll be experiencing boot bliss in no time!

Use a Boot Stretcher

If you’re not sure how to break in boots, you probably don’t own a boot stretcher—yet! Yes, there’s a purpose-built tool that can make your work boots foot-friendly in just 5-8 hours. You simply place the device inside your boot and rotate the handle. As it expands, your boots do, too.

A boot stretcher can work wonders if your boots for work are just a tad snug, but it’s not the right choice for all boots. They tend to work best with natural materials, like leather and canvas. And, there’s a risk that you could overstretch your boots, making them too big. Proceed with caution!

Stuff Them With Newspaper

Here’s an easy and affordable tip on how to break in boots that are made from leather: pack crumpled newspaper into them as tightly as possible, and let them sit overnight. If the interior of your boots is water resistant, dampening the newspaper can make it easier. As the newspapers naturally expand, they’ll stretch the leather out just enough to make them slide on a little easier.

Wear Them With Thick Socks

A woman putting on work boots with thick socks

To break in work boots while you wear them, start your day by putting on thicker socks than usual. This method helps the boots to expand throughout the day while still conforming to the shape of your feet. You may want to pack a spare pair of socks in case your feet get too hot!

Condition the Leather

Need to know how to break in boots that are too stiff? Some types of leather boots such as Western boots can take a long time to become flexible, so you may want to treat them with a leather conditioner. Not only will it make your cowboy or cowgirl boots soft and supple, but it’ll help to protect them from the elements. Take care of your work boots, and they’ll take care of you right back!

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