A group of people showing their different athleisure shoe styles

8 Shoes to Sport Athleisure Wear

A group of people showing their different athleisure shoe styles

There’s no denying that over the last few decades, athleisure shoes and styles have become extremely popular. And what’s not to love about a shoe that can go from the gym to drinks with friends and still be considered stylish? Athleisure is all about a casual lifestyle, inspired by athletic looks but suitable for everyday wear. It’s where active on-the-go lifestyles meet fashion. 

We’ve put together a list of the eight hottest athleisure styles that are perfect for running errands, light workouts, and hitting the town. 

1. Cross-Trainers

A man sitting on a wall wearing red athleisure shoes

The cross-trainer is one of the most popular forms of sneakers around. Perfect for any general athletic activity, these sporty-looking athleisure shoes tend to be colorful, lightweight, and breathable. Asics has been a leader in the active lifestyle market since 1950. Their supportive shoes and innovative designs inspire people all over the world to get out there and start moving. 

Topo’s sneakers are perfect for the novice runner who’s just getting started and the student sprinting across campus to get to their next class. If you’re looking for an athleisure shoe that leans more towards sport than fashion, then the cross-trainer is perfect for you. 

2. The Slip-On Tennis Shoe

Two people sitting on a cliff by the beach wearing tennis shoes

Most people associate the classic slip-on sneaker with skateboarders and Southern California, but the style has come a long way since then. Slip-ons are the perfect athleisure shoe because they combine comfort, style, and ease. No need to waste time lacing up. Just step in, and you’re ready to go. 

We love that this super casual style is now getting a fashionable upgrade by brands like Vionic and TRAQ by Alegria, who make stylish slip-ons in leather and suede. Don’t let the upscale looks fool you, though. Both of these brands are known for using innovative technology to make shoes that are extremely supportive and comfortable. 

3. The Mary Jane Sneaker

A pair of white athleisure shoes

Athleisure styles are all about versatility and function, which is exactly what the Mary Jane sneaker gives you. A shoe that’s as comfortable as a tennis shoe but dressy enough to be worn to work or paired with skirts and dresses. There’s nothing wrong with being feminine, stylish, and comfortable at the same time. We especially love the ones made by Mephisto, which can be worn all day with yoga pants and then transition seamlessly to dinner in a nice dress. 

4. Walking Shoes

A man walking down the street wearing athleisure shoes

We know what you’re thinking. What’s the difference between walking shoes and regular sneakers? Quite a bit, actually. Walking shoes have a lower heel with a wider, heavier sole. They promote a stable, even stride. Running shoes and high-performance sneakers are all about lessening the shock of impact on the sole of the foot and heel. Walking shoes are all about stabilizing the foot and ankle to prevent injury. 

Athleisure walking shoes have the added bonus of being a bit more stylish and upscale than traditional sneakers. They’re perfect for traveling because you can spend all day walking the streets and not think twice about enjoying a nice meal in them. TRAQ by Alegria offers multiple styles of incredibly comfortable and chic-looking walking shoes. 

5. The Sneaker Mule

A pair of black sneaker mules

A mule is a style of shoe that doesn’t have a heel enclosure, so they’re easy to slip on and off. The sneaker mule is one of those athleisure styles that has evolved over the years, and we’re grateful for it. Because as much as we love the look of a classic mule or clog, sometimes they aren’t as comfortable as we’d like. This is why we’re crazy about the ones that Vionic makes, which combine their award-winning Orthaheel orthotic technology with premium materials and stylish design. 

6. Textiles & Knits

A pair of pink knitted athleisure shoes.

Just because athleisure shoes are comfortable and functional doesn’t mean they can’t be eye-catching too. The latest trend in athleisure styles utilizes textured knits and vibrant textiles to make statement shoes that can be worn every day. 

We can’t get enough of the unique and vivid woven patterns that Twisted X uses in their textiles. Made from sustainable materials and bursting with pops of colors, these shoes definitely stand out in a crowd. Fun and incredibly comfortable is what we’re all about. 

7. The Classic Tennis Shoe

A woman sitting on a piano wearing white athleisure shoes

The classic tennis shoe is all about that retro style. Simple, clean lines with canvas or leather and white vulcanized rubber. Everyone loves these classic athleisure shoes because they make us think of our childhood and simpler times.

FitFlop shoes have ventured out from sandals and started making classic tennis shoes that look great and are as supportive as their famous sandals. We also love Clarks, which always have a timeless look that never goes out of style. 

8. Dress Sneakers

A man wearing a suit and a pair of white athleisure shoes

Dress sneakers are some of the most versatile athleisure styles out there. Perfect for combining comfort with fashion, dress sneakers can be paired with suits, designer jeans, and even shorts. Don’t be surprised if you spot them on the bride and groom at the next wedding you attend. 

Birkenstock actually makes super stylish dress sneakers with the same comfort and support as their sandals. Be sure to pick up a pair before your next trip to Europe, and your feet will thank you.

The Athleisure Wear Lifestyle

With so many stylish and comfortable athleisure shoes to choose from, you’ll be able to fully master the athleisure wear lifestyle. This is a trend that’s here to stay, so stock up on some of your favorite styles and get comfy. That’s what life is all about. 

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