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5 Shoes for Spring: From Sneakers to Wedges and Everything in Between

Winter is almost over, and it's time to start thinking about what to wear as the temperature heats up. Along with refreshing that wardrobe, you'll need to find options for fashionable spring shoes that look great and function in the fickle weather. Here are five spring shoe trends that will get you excited about stepping out within the next few months.

Aztec-printed moccasins


We’re glad moccasins are a current spring shoe trend, because we never want to part from them! They’re lightweight, comfortable, and versatile shoes that are easy to pair with many different outfits. You can style them with casual clothing, like jeans and t-shirts, but we also have more elevated options that can look great when dressed up with a blazer. Easy to slip on and off, these shoes will become a spring staple.

While they are traditionally crafted in brown suede with classic fur lining, we have other options available in various colors and fabrics, like moccasins with fringe, leather, or colorful prints. This fashionable spring shoe is a great option on cool, low-precipitation days!

women’s stylish black clogs

Clogs and Mules

When the weather is uncertain, it’s time to bust out your trusty clogs or mules. Clogs are perfect for keeping your feet warm without feeling like you're wearing heavy, clunky boots. In snow or rain, find a shoe that will keep those feet toasty and dry without being too bulky to walk in.

In sunny weather, you’ll want a spring shoe that is trendy and functional without making your feet feel like they're walking through cement, which makes clogs and mules an ideal option. They easily slip on and off with their wide openings and don't require socks. Choose a pair of lightweight, flexible mules for a sunny day or a pair of heavy clogs with thick soles for tramping through snow.

fashionable spring snow shoes for kids

Rain and Snow Boots

Waterproof boots are a lifesaver in thunderstorms and blizzards, but they don't have to be ugly. The best way to keep your toes warm and dry when the winter transitions to spring is with fashionable shoes, like rain boots or snow boots. Snow boots, rain boots, and other rubber-soled footwear come in various colors and styles, like these fun children’s snow boots. If you're not that adventurous or bold, black is an excellent choice, because it hides dirt and sludge well.

Not just a trend of spring shoes, rain boots and snow boots are extremely practical, keeping your feet dry and out of water. Snow boots usually have a higher shaft that goes up to the calf and acts as a barrier between your feet and several inches of sleet.

If you live in a part of the country that rarely sees cold weather, you may not have to invest in a pair of tall snow boots. A set of ankle-height rain booties can be a practical way of keeping your feet dry during rainy seasons or when stomping through puddles. If you live in an area with frigid winters, you'll want to choose a boot with good insulation made of sturdy rubber, PVC, or leather to make sure your shoes are snug and well-insulated. Excellent boots for walking on ice are boots with a grip that keep out the water while still being comfortable and sturdy enough to handle the spring conditions.

black and blue sneakers

Athletic Shoes and Sneakers

With spring sports starting for kids and adults alike, it's important to find shoes that meet the practical needs of all your family members, whether they are participating in sports or simply want a spring shoe that is on-trend and comfortable.

Athletic shoes come in many types, from running and walking footwear to street shoes, depending on what you plan to use them for. No matter the reason, you'll want to find a sneaker that fits well and is supportive. Look for practical choices with waterproof features, insulating materials, or shock absorption. With many colors and features to choose from, these sneakers are a functional and fashionable shoe choice for spring activities.

Fashionable spring wedges

Heels and Wedges

Love wearing heels? Then, it's time to celebrate, because heels are a favorite spring shoe trend. When the temperature begins to warm up, there's nothing like a pair of heels or wedges to complement a breezy dress. Heels come in various styles and designs, ranging from classic to trendy.

Not a fan of stilettos? A wedge is an excellent option that provides a sturdier base for your foot and better balance. If you’re going to stand on your feet all day, avoid the foot ache and rolled ankles by investing in a wedge-style shoe.

Shoes That Will Last The Entire Season

While spring brings out some lovely sunshine, there is also the slush and heavy rainfall that comes with it. Some shoes are better than others for transitional weather.

As you update your wardrobe with spring shoe trends, look for shoes that will last you through the entire season, from the end of snowfall to the flower blooms. What’s Hot Clothing has you covered for every shoe you need for spring fashion, from boots to wedges and everything in between. Take advantage of the good weather and our fabulous deals on brand-name styles with free shipping over $50!

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