A woman wearing a dress and travel sandals on vacation

3 Versatile Shoes to Take on Your Summer Travels

A woman wearing a dress and travel sandals on vacation

You’ve worked hard all year, and now it’s finally time to pack your bags and head off on your dream summer vacation. A common mistake many people make while packing is spending more time on clothing selection than footwear. The most important items in your suitcase are the shoes. Nothing ruins a trip faster than blisters and sore feet! That’s why you want to choose the perfect shoes for your trip. What’s Hot Clothing has done the research and come up with the very best travel shoes to take on your vacation this summer. 

Warm Weather Requirements

A couple standing on a dock at sunset wearing the best travel shoes

When traveling during the summer, you’re going to want a shoe that breathes, is lightweight, can go from casual to elegant, and be worn for hours on end. Unless you plan on traveling with a butler to carry all your bags for you, packing bulky, heavy shoes is out of the question. We all love cowboy boots, but they sure do take up a lot of space and weight in your suitcase.

 The best types of travel shoes are versatile and extremely comfortable, meaning you can wear them to explore the streets of Paris all day and not get stared at for making a fashion faux pas at dinner.

Travel Sandals for Men and Women

A man in white pants wearing brown leather travel sandals

A pair of comfortable yet stylish travel sandals is an absolute must-have when it comes to traveling during the summer. Depending on whether you’re heading to a beach destination, a hotel with a pool, or Rome, several different types of men’s and women’s sandals make the best travel shoes.

If you want to be able to go from the pool to the museum in the same shoes, then consider a pair of FitFlop shoes. FitFlops make stylish orthopedic sandals that have great arch support and can be worn all day. Made with materials that elevate the standard flip-flop, these women’s and men’s casual sandals can be dressed up or down.

For ladies looking for the best travel shoes, a pair of high-quality strappy wedges or platforms can double as travel sandals and dress shoes, giving you two pairs in one. Freeing up room in your suitcase for more souvenirs. Sandals with straps offer more stability and support, preventing your foot from slipping around the shoe. Choose a pair made from premium materials that will not only be very comfortable but stylish, as well. 

Men who love to feel the air on their toes should consider a pair of Mephistos. Mephisto shoes and sandals are handcrafted from the finest materials, allowing them to be fashionable and comfortable at the same time. They make classic black leather sandals that can be worn on the beach or dressed up with a pair of linen pants and a button-up shirt. Looking good never felt so good. 

The Sophisticated Sneaker

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As much as we love our favorite pair of gym trainers when traveling abroad, it’s better to choose a slightly more sophisticated tennis shoe. You want to choose a pair that’s still lightweight and breathes but has a sleeker, more stylish design. 

Clarks is a brand famous for making extremely supportive and comfortable walking shoes that are also stylish and easy to break in. These are the kind of shoes that a woman can pair with a cute summer dress or casual pair of shorts and spend hours pursuing boutiques and galleries in. Clarks also make great dress sneakers for men that are the best travel shoes because they can be worn all day and then out to an elegant restaurant at night. Combining dress sneakers with the perfect travel sandals could mean all you have to pack are two pairs of shoes. 

When it comes to traveling with sneakers, choose a pair in muted colors or white, black, or tan so that they go with a lot of different outfits. Unless you love a statement shoe, in which case, feel free to go wild and plan your outfits around the shoe. The thing that matters the most is your comfort and how many wears you’re going to get out of each pair packed. There’s nothing worse than lugging something all the way to Greece and back — never wearing it once. 

The Best Travel Dress Shoes

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Sometimes, you can get away with only packing dressy sneakers and a pair of strappy travel sandals while you’re on holiday. But if you’re the kind of person who loves to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants or dance at the hottest nightclubs, then packing one pair of nice dress shoes is a must.

For women who love to dress up while on vacation but have no desire to walk down a quaint cobblestone street in stiletto heels, Vionic offers a great selection of fashionable ballet flats and wedges that are stunning and feel great. Vionic uses the latest orthopedic technology to ensure that your feet look amazing and feel supported at the same time. 

Men will be happy to know that both Mephisto and Clarks make elegant casual oxfords for men that are lightweight and supremely comfortable. The best travel dress shoes are the kind that fills you with gratitude rather than regret. 

Bon Voyage!

A pink suitcase packed with clothes and the best travel shoes

All you want to think about on your summer vacation is whether or not to have a second helping of gelato. The answer is yes, by the way. The best travel shoes will keep your feet happy and your mind worry-free. That way, you can spend more time exploring and discovering the exciting world around you. So grab your comfy travel sandals and have some fun!

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