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Free Shipping on orders over $35

Minnetonka Women's Tahoe Outdoor Slippers


Minnetonka Women's Tahoe Slippers

These tahoe slippers are also made with genuine soft suede that ensures your every step will be cushioned and comfortable. It adapts to the contours of your feet and wear pattern to keep the fit perfectly snug. The lush pile lining and flecked sweater knit will keep your feet warm once the cold weather starts breezing in, comfort beyond what other outdoor slippers for women can provide.

Note that our suede slippers for women run true to size. If you have different foot sizes, make sure to choose the larger one to get a more accurate fit.

Everything you'll need for a comfortable, practical, stylish footwear, the Minnetonka Women's Tahoe Slippers can deliver.

Meet our Newest Line

We're curious to explore what the world has to offer. That's why we crafted our Home & Away collection. This innovative line features slipper boots and slipper moccasins that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Now you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of a slipper in the great wide open.

Feel the Difference

Did you ever have slippers so comfortable, you wanted to wear them outside the house? We did, too. Our brand new collection, Home & Away, is designed to do just that. The collection includes versatile slippers that also work as outdoor footwear for men and women. We love offering a different way for you to define your style. With slipper moccasins and slipper boots, this unique line gives you the option to tread freely.

Explore the Possibilities

We all love a cozy slipper, but often we stop short of wearing them outside because they're either too delicate or too frumpy. Minnetonka found a way. With reliable craftsmanship and stylish designs, you can walk confidently and still enjoy supreme comfort.

  • fabric
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • This shoe by Minnetonka features a contoured footbed and rubber sole
  • 40130
  • Heavily treaded sole for traction
  • Flecked sweater knit and suede
  • Pile lined footbed